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High-Asset Couples Face Unique Challenges During Divorce

Complex assets and holdings are difficult to disentangle. As a result, business owners, individuals with large investment portfolios, and high-income earners frequently require additional considerations during divorce that many attorneys rarely see. Fay, Farrow & Associates, P.C. is a capable of managing complex accounting issues during divorce. You can trust our firm with your financial future.

Our lawyers are attentive, goal-oriented, and effective. Through detailed analysis, extensive legal knowledge, and collaboration with financial and accounting professionals, we create strategies proven to be successful. Let us help restore your sense of control over your present circumstances and create actionable goals for your future.

Keeping an Eye on Your Assets in a Divorce

Our firm evaluates your holdings to ensure you are treated equitably by the court system. Our services include full and detailed analysis of:

  • Your investments and accounts, including the use of forensic accountants and other expert professionals when appropriate
  • Business holdings, including business valuation and liability analysis
  • Pensions and retirement accounts

Complicated assets require an additional level of watchfulness. Hidden assets, a mistaken accounting, or failure to consider liabilities can lead to disastrous complications later on or significantly affect your asset division negatively. We prevent future conflict by employing attentive care today.

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