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Creating a Positive Environment for Your Child

Most child psychologists agree that stability and positive parental interactions are key to your child's healthy mental and intellectual development. A predictable visitation plan can help provide the best possible environment for your child. We help you protect your rights as a parent and establish a productive arrangement that protects your child.

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How Do I Decide My Parenting Time Schedule?

There are many factors that influence your ability to spend time with your children during and after a divorce. Both parents have reasonable visitation or parenting time rights with their children. This is true for both mothers and fathers, with few exceptions. If you do not have the majority of parenting time allocated to you (also known as primary residential custody), you need to seek the help of a family law expert to ensure that your rights of visitation or parenting time are protected.

The only acceptable visitation or parenting time schedule is one that is in the children's best interests. Family lawyers can help you to maximize the time that the children spend with each parent. For some families, a more traditional schedule works best, including every other weekend, an evening or two per week, alternating holidays, and vacation time during school breaks. For other families, a 50/50 or shared parenting time arrangement might be appropriate.

What Are the Exceptions to Visitation/Parenting Time Rights?

In some cases, it is inappropriate for a parent to have full visitation/parenting time rights. Visitation/parenting time rights will be restricted if it can be proven that a parent threatens "serious endangerment" to the children. Some of the factors that affect the determination of "serious endangerment" include:

  • A history of substance abuse (drug abuse, alcohol abuse, etc.)
  • A history of violent tendencies
  • A history of physical abuse
  • A history of sexual assault

While these qualities negatively impact a visitation/parenting time agreement, it does not necessarily mean that a parent will never be able to visit their children. There are several ways to restrict and monitor visitation, including:

  • Third-party supervision during parenting time
  • Denying overnight parenting time
  • Restricting parenting time to the custodial parent's premises

The court's primary concern will always be the child's best interests. Our firm ensures you have a say in what that future looks like.

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