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3 signs your spouse might be hiding assets from you

Posted on in Divorce

The end of a marriage never follows a set checklist of events. Marriages can end due to infidelity, addiction, trust issues or criminal activity. For some, the marriage ends simply because the spouses have grown apart. Often, however, issues center on financial struggles and the prospect of hidden assets.

Trust is a significant factor in the health of a marriage. It is not uncommon for one spouse to hide physical assets, digital assets or cash reserves.

Be on the lookout for clues

While a spouse might be careful to hide these things from his or her partner, there are often clues to this behavior, including:

  • Spouse demands full control over bank statements: One way to keep assets hidden from view is to literally hide the asset from view. Spouses often accomplish this by retaining complete control over access to the various bank accounts. Whether this is access to the statements or login and security information, it could be a red flag.
  • Unfounded complaints about money: If your spouse has accepted the responsibility for maintaining the joint checking account, the shared credit cards and all utility payments they have a keen understanding about the health of the family finances. If they start complaining incessantly about financial trouble without actually sharing data, they might be falsely claiming problems.
  • Suspicious activity on their computer or phone: Is it no secret that everyone enjoys a certain amount of privacy but when spouses begin hiding information from one another, it can be a sign of more to come. This can include regularly wiping a computer hard drive, erasing an internet browsing history or using a pre-paid no-contract cell phone to ensure limited spousal access.

Often, the lack of trust plays a role in the end of a marriage. Whether it is related to feelings, physical intimacy or finances, mistrust leads to powerful emotions. Unfortunately, many arguments find their foundations in disputes centered on the family finances. When one spouse believes the other to be hiding assets or creating false worry, the end of the relationship is often not far behind.

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