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5 Things to Do If a Divorce Is on the Horizon

 Posted on January 01, 2016 in Divorce

Thinking about divorce is rarely a pleasant topic. However, if you believe that a divorce from your spouse is imminent, there are a few things that you should start doing immediately to prepare for the divorce and ensure that your rights are protected.

1. Make an Inventory of Marital Property

In Illinois, any property that is acquired during the course of your marriage is considered to be marital property. This means that the property will be subject to equitable division upon divorce. It you believe that a divorce is pending, it is best to make an inventory of all property that may be up for division. This includes a home, vehicles, jewelry, pets, furniture, and other items of value throughout the home.

2. Search for Hidden Assets

Knowing all of your spouse’s assets will be very important when it comes to things like getting a fair division of property settlement, spousal support payments, and child support. Unfortunately, some people will try to hide assets in a divorce to prevent a court from counting those assets when making a determination about the items above. If you are getting a divorce and your spouse has multiple assets, be sure to search for any assets that may be hidden. This may require a thorough investigation and review of receipts, investments, bank statements, credit cards, etc.

3. Start Thinking About Your Earning Potential

If you are the financially dependent spouse in a marriage, it is time now to start thinking about your earning potential. Being able to provide for yourself, and potentially your children, is something that you will have to face. Your earning potential will also be considered when a court makes a determination about an alimony award.

4. Prioritize Your Children

If you are a parent, prioritizing your children during your divorce is absolutely essential. Not only does this include continuing to provide for them during the divorce proceedings and pursuing a child custody and support agreement that is within their best interests, but it also means remembering how detrimental a divorce can be to a child’s psyche. While this does not mean that you should not get a divorce if it is what is right for yourself and your family, it does mean that divorce conversation should be kept between you and your spouse only, and should not be shared with children. Further, resist the urge to badmouth your spouse, fight in front of children, or use your children as emotional support.

5. Hire an Attorney

Divorce proceedings can be tough. And without an attorney on your side who can advocate for you, your divorce may not be resolved in your favor. For legal support you can trust during this emotional time, reach out to experienced Naperville divorce lawyers today. At Fay, Farrow & Associates, P.C., our divorce lawyers can help you to understand how to prepare for your divorce, and other important steps that you need to take. To learn more, call us now at 630-961-0060 or visit us online.

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