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Can divorced parents live in different states?

 Posted on September 01, 2021 in Divorce

A divorce with children may become complex, especially if one parent wants to relocate and the other does not. Regardless of the reasons, a move to another state may complicate post-divorce parenting.

Parenting across state boundaries may seem impossible, but it can happen. If both people work together and keep the lines of communication open, their children do not have to bear the emotional brunt of a relocated parent. Learn more about how co-parenting across the miles can occur.

Revamp the visitation schedule

Depending on the distance between parents, the parenting plan will need revising to account for the distance. Some of the elements that an out-of-state visitation plan may contain include:

  • Extended visitation in summer and during school breaks
  • Travel arrangements for children
  • Parental responsibility and expenses

When the out-of-state parent is unable to visit with the children, the parenting plan may address provisions for phone calls and video conferencing. Setting out a virtual visitation schedule may prove beneficial for filling the gaps between in-person time.

Encourage children to express feelings

Children may have strong feelings when a parent moves to another state, and the parent with whom they spend a larger share of the time may carry the burden. In these times, instead of lashing out at children or the other parent, the primary custodial parent should take measures to urge children to speak their minds. When they have negative feelings towards the other parent’s living situation, that parent should know and help address it. Concentrating on fostering a continuing bond between the absent parent and the children will go a long way towards a smooth emotional transition.

Parenting is not easy, regardless of marital status. However, for divorced parents trying to navigate life from separate states, communication may prove the key to success.

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