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What Is an Uncontested Divorce?

 Posted on November 01, 2017 in Divorce

When a couple is going through a divorce, the divorce is typically described in one of two ways: contested or uncontested. As with most things in life, an uncontested divorce is ideal, as this refers to a divorce in which disagreements between the couple are minimized. Whether you have recently filed for a divorce, or are considering divorce in Naperville or surrounding areas, understanding the differences between contested and uncontested divorce is important.

What Is an Uncontested Divorce?

As stated above, the disagreements in an uncontested divorce are limited. This is because an uncontested divorce is one in which spouses agree to all terms of the divorce, including the divorce itself and issues such as:

  • Child custody (allocation of parental responsibilities) and visitation (parenting time),
  • Child support
  • Property division; and
  • Maintenance (Alimony)

Will My Divorce Be Granted Immediately if it is Uncontested?

If you and your spouse are in agreement about how issues in your divorce will be settled, the divorce process will almost surely be faster and easier for you both. If you both reach an agreement on all issues, your divorce may only require one court appearance to be finalized.

Do I Need an Attorney if My Divorce is Uncontested?

Just because your divorce is uncontested does not mean that you should not seek legal aid during the process. This is because:

  • An attorney can help you file all of the proper forms with the court in order to expedite the process as much as possible;
  • Your spouse may initially agree to the terms of a divorce, only to then later change his or her mind; and
  • Agreement or not, your attorney can help you to create a divorce agreement that outlines what both parties want, and ensure the agreement is fair and legally valid.

Contact an Experienced Uncontested Divorce Attorney

At the law offices of Fay, Farrow & Associates, P.C., we understand that even an uncontested divorce can be difficult to go through. When you contact our experienced divorce attorneys, we will thoroughly review your case, provide you with legal guidance, and represent your best interests. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about uncontested divorce in Illinois.

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